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Бой Ашран
Уровень 100
СтолицаАльянс Stormshield
Орда Warspear
МестоположениеВосток Дренора
Источники: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Ashran is a level 100 instanced[1] cross-realm[2] "end game" PvP zone planned for release as part of Warlords of Draenor.[3] Found off the north east coast of Draenor's Tanaan Jungle, Ashran is the same island that held Deathwing's Lair shortly after the Second War.[источник?]

The zone has a cap of roughly 100 players per side.[2] When a player enters the zone, they will either be invited to join the battle, or if the zone is already at the cap for their faction, placed in a queue to join. Players who are not currently part of the battle will be teleported back to their faction staging area after a few seconds. Queued players will be invited to join the battle through a summons which will teleport them into the zone.


Официальное превью

For players looking to engage in PvP combat on an epic scale, Warlords of Draenor introduces a new world PvP zone off of the north east coast of Tanaan Jungle. This new experience involves a raging battle that has no distinct beginning or end—instead, it offers constantly evolving objectives for participants to take part in. There will be items to gather, creatures to summon, and tons of action on multiple levels. While you can enter the fray sooner than level 100, you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew—enter at your own risk!
When first joining the battle, you’ll be presented with objectives based on the current status of the battle. The closer you get to your opponent’s base, the more difficult your tasks will become. Objectives will change at a moment’s notice based on events within the zone, and you may quickly find yourself switching from offense to rebuilding your fortress and gathering the materials needed to do so. There will also be faction-based vehicles—and some Iron Horde war machines—at your team’s disposal.
To provide a truly epic world PvP experience, the number of players and the amount of faction members allowed in the zone won’t be capped. Don’t worry, though—with cross-realm technology, the pool of potential allies (and enemies) is wider than ever.


Карты и подзоны

Карта Ашрана

Зоны, прилегающие к Ашрану

Название Фракция Уровень Направление Доступ
Танаанские джунгли АльянсОрда Юго-запад Полет


  • Large-scale battle with no limit to the number of players
  • Features buildings, vehicles and summonable creatures
  • Features resources to gather, which may be used in several ways[3]
  • Features multiple objectives, which may change in response to events
  • There is a fortress for each faction, as well as capture points spread around the outside of the zone that are beneficial to hold[4]
  • The zone features a large central battle pushing toward the opposing faction's base[5]
  • The outer edges of the zone feature rares and activities similar to the Timeless Isle, with greater rewards to be found on the opposing faction's side of the zone[5]
  • Ashran has no faction balancing mechanisms.[3]
  • Ashran is a cross-realm zone, drawing players from a consistent selection of realms,[2] which should be the same group of realms used by other cross-realm zones.[6]
  • Inspired by "those early Alterac Valley battles",[3] Ashran is "designed to be an epic tug-of-war style battle, where you can either take direct part of the battle on the front lines, or work towards various other objectives that will support your faction in the main push."[3] Battles "could take days before either side can claim a real victory", with players rewarded for participation and not just for victory.
  • An instanced area, using "some new tech" with no loading screen, such that players "won't feel the transition"[1]
  • Ashran is larger than Alterac Valley, with comparable length but greater width[7]


  • Entering Ashran will automatically flag players for PvP combat, regardless of server type. Players will remain PvP flagged as long they are in the zone.[8]
  • Ashran has its own Battle Standards.[9]

Изменения в обновлениях


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