Войска Похитителей Солнца

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Орда Войска Похитителей Солнца
ЛидерЛор'темар мужской Лор'темар Терон
Заместители лидераIconSmall Rommath.gif Верховный магистр Роммат
IconSmall Aethas.gif Верховный маг Этас Похититель Солнца
IconSmall Halduron.gif Халдарон Светлое Крыло
РасыЭльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови (predominantly)
ТауренТаурен Таурен
ОтрекшийсяОтрекшийся Отрекшийся
БазыDawnseeker Promontory
Театр действийОстров Грома, Пандария
Отношение к другимКель'Талас, Орда
Начальник снабженияVasarin Redmorn
Лучшие наградыReins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn

Войска Похитителей Солнца is the Horde reputation faction introduced in Patch 5.2. It is personally led by Lor'themar Theron, Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas, and bears the namesake of the Sunreavers. Its base camp is named the Dawnseeker Promontory.

The onslaught will face off against the Kirin Tor Offensive to lay claim to Emperor Lei Shen's island stronghold and the treasures contained therein.

Daily quests for the Sunreaver Onslaught are divided into two categories, only one of which can be chosen per day: PvE-oriented tasks, or PvP-based missions. The former involves assisting Grand Magister Rommath, Halduron Brightwing and Aethas Sunreaver in dealing with the local threats (primarily the saurok, the Zandalari and the mogu), while the latter is focused on attacking the Kirin Tor forces and defending the promontory.



Outcast from Dalaran, the Sunreaver Onslaught fight to obtain powerful mogu artifacts from among the ruins of Thunder Isle, and to secure their future if the Horde falls to anarchy.

The Sunreaver Onslaught combines elements of each major hallmark of the Thalassian military: Magi (under both the Magisters and the Sunreavers) comprise the bulk of its forces, and are supplemented by rangers, Blood Knights, and Spellbreakers.

Arcane golems and powerful mana wyrms are also on hand, along with agents of the Reliquary.

Известные члены

Имя Роль Статус Местоположение
Орда IconSmall Lor'themar.gif Lor'themar Theron Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas; Commander of the Sunreaver Onslaught Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда IconSmall Rommath.gif Grand Magister Rommath Grand Magister of Quel'Thalas Alive Court of Bones
Орда IconSmall Halduron.gif Halduron Brightwing Ranger-general of Silvermoon Alive
Орда IconSmall Aethas.gif Archmage Aethas Sunreaver Leader of the Sunreavers Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда 17px Scout Captain Elsia Captain of Farstrider Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда 17px Captain Aerthas Firehawk Captain of The Firehawk Alive Court of Bones
Орда IconSmall Mag'har Female.gif Uda the Beast Alive Salabria
Орда 17px Vasarin Redmorn Sunreaver Onslaught Quartermaster Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Нежить Мужской.gif High Arcanist Savor Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда 17px Magister Hathorel Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда 17px Girana the Blooded Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда 17px Amariel Sunsworn Alive
Орда 17px Lanesh the Steelweaver Repair vendor Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Таурен Мужской.gif Sunwalker Dezco Sunwalker Alive
Орда 17px Magistrix Saia Illusion and transformation Alive
Орда 17px Ranger Shalan Stable Master Alive The Crimson Treader
Орда IconSmall Skyscreamer.gif Thunderwing Mount of infiltration Alive
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Нежить Женский.gif Amalia Penshire Plague Consulting Alive
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Женский.gif Elynara The Reliquary Alive Salabria
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Мужской.gif Magister Edien Sunhollow Alive Salabria
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Мужской.gif Harlan Whitedawn The Reliquary Alive Starchaser; Court of Bones
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Женский.gif Ryshelle Brightlock The Reliquary Alive Court of Bones
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Мужской.gif Kethiel Sunlance Alive
Орда ИконкаМаленькая Эльф крови Женский.gif Elina Zaralae Alive



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