Тажань Чжу

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Для информация о боссе Тажане Чжу в Монастыре Шадо-Пан, см. Тажань Чжу (тактика).
Тажань Чжу
Изображение для Тажань Чжу
Звание <Глава Шадо-Пан>
Пол Мужской
Раса Пандарен
Уровень 90 - 92 Элитный
Здоровье 8,431,840
Реакция Альянс Орда
Фракция Шадо-Пан
Деятельность Шало-Пан
Зона Монастырь Шадо-Пан, Вершина Кунь-Лай, в различных местах Танлунских Степей и Острова Грома
Статус Жив

Тажань Чжу

Тажань Чжу - Лидер Шадо-Пан, искусного ордена воинов и монахов, защищающих Пандарию от всех угроз, исходящих изнутри или вне континента.


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Mists of Pandaria

Тажань Чжу, впервые появляется в ходе заданий в Нефритовом Лесу, где спасает Альянс и Орду от порчи Ша.

When adventurers arrived at Paw'don Village/Honeydew Village, Taran had no choice but to watch the Alliance and Horde welcomed with open arms by Sunke Khang/Mayor Honeydew, and leaves it to them to decide what to do.

Shortly after adventurers killed Ga'trul/Doren, Rell Nightwind/Nazgrim were surprised by the sha and Taran Zhu explained more of it as a negative emotion to all, such as doubt and hatred. He reminded them not to bring the war to the shores of Pandaria and left again.

During the Kun-Lai Summit storyline, Taran is seen at the Temple of the White Tiger, warning Xuen not to allow the "wanderers from beyond the mists" to enter the Vale. After Xuen finally decided to allow them to enter, Taran warned him that he was making a terrible mistake and left.

The Shado-pan became concerned with the lack of reinforcements to the battlezones they are involved in and eventually uncover the fact that Taran Zhu has become possessed by the Sha of Hatred. He is eventually cleansed of the sha influence and leads the search for the Sha of Hatred in Townlong Steppes. Zhu eventually succeeds in vanquishing the Sha of Hatred with the help of other Shado-Pan warriors and adventurers but still feels ashamed that he let his emotions get the best of him back in Kun Lai, allowing the Sha to escape.

Властелин Грома

Taran Zhu is seen in the cave just outside of Throne of Thunder along with Taoshi, Yalia Sagewhisper, Lao-Chin the Iron Belly and Hawkmaster Nurong. He gives adventurers a group quest of dealing with the Thunder Kings champions. He also keeps a close watch on Lor'themar Theron and Jaina Proudmoore in the upcoming time when they assault the gates of Throne of Thunder.

To stop one of Lei Shen's most powerful mogu minions, Shan Bu, from bringing the gatekeeper Nalak, the Storm Lord back into the world, Taran Zhu and the Shado-Pan have launched a raid on the outer courtyard to stop Shan Bu. After fighting through Shan Bu's mogu and Zandalari army, Taran Zhu taunted Shan Bu into dueling him. Growing weary, Shan Bu grabbed Taran Zhu by the throat and attempted to kill him by strangling him. However, before he could do so, he was struck down by an adventurer. After his death, Taran was greatly wounded but decided to stop Lor'themar and Jaina who were about to attack each other. After some convincing, the Alliance and Horde left the place and returned to their bases. Yalia then took Taran to safety.


Under Warchief Hellscream's orders, a Horde excavation force laid waste to sacred ground in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in an attempt to unearth yet more dangerous artifacts of use to Garrosh's cause. In retaliation, Taran Zhu confronted Dezco at the Shrine of Two Moons, and ordered him to leave the vale, threatening to use lethal force should the Horde not comply. Dezco was able to stall Zhu's wrath, informing him that the man responsible for this travesty no longer speaks for the rest of the Horde, and that indeed, many are now rising up against him. Dezco promised to bring Hellscream to justice, asking only time to make it happen.

No stranger to dealing with tyrants, Zhu warily allowed Dezco the chance to make things right, giving the Dawnchaser chieftain until the end of the season to make good on his promise.


Adventurers first meet him in the Jade Forest during either Quest:The Right Tool For The Job or Quest:The Final Blow!.

Он учавствует в заданиях Вершины Кунь-Лай:

...в Монастыре Шадо-Пан:

...в Танлунских Степях:

...и на Острове Грома:


Not friendly Greetings
  • What do you want, stranger?
  • I've had enough of your kind!
  • Go back and ruin your own land!
Not friendly Pissed
  • *growls* I knew I did not like you!
Not friendly Farewell
  • Leave!
  • I am finished with you!
  • Pandaria is better off without you!
Friendly Greeting
  • The Shado-pan welcome you!
  • How could the Shado-pan serve?
  • Hmm, we are out numbered, but not out witted.
  • We shall never yield!
  • Discipline: It is the only way.
Friendly Pissed
  • Enough! We have work to do.
  • You are wasting my time!
  • You are wasting everyone's time!
  • I am beginning to question our friendship.
  • You are a veteran of campaigns across four continents. You have fought the specter of death and travel to worlds beyond to cleanse them of demonic corruption, and this is how you spend your time?
Friendly Farewell
  • Do not succumb to the darkness.
  • Remain centered, my friend.
  • Hold fast against the sha.
  • Our fellowship is our strength.
  • Stay focused. Keep your passions in check.

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