Терраса Вечной Весны

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Терраса Вечной Весны
Terrace of Endless Spring loading screen.jpg
МестоположениеСокрытая лестница
РасыIconSmall Облачный Змей.gif Облачный Змей
IconSmall Цзинь-юй.gif
ИконкаМаленькая Пандарен Мужской.gifИконкаМаленькая Пандарен Женский.gif Пандарен
Файл:IconSmall ДухВоды.gif Водный дух
Последний боссШа Страха
Информация о подземелье
Минимальное среднее уровня предметов470
Лимит игроков10/25
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The Terrace of Endless Spring is one of the three launch raids of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This is a Sha-themed raid located at the midpoint of the Veiled Stair, a mountain pass between the northeastern corner of the Valley of the Four Winds and the southern part of the Kun-Lai Summit; a "super super huge raid boss and that whole raid circles around him and he has turned other local creatures into Sha." It is a small, four-boss raid.

The meeting stone and a flight path are located just down a short hill from the raid dungeon entrance, deep within the Stair.

Four boss encounters are listed in the dungeon journal: the Protectors of the Endless, a trio of Jinyu; Tsulong, a cloud serpent; Lei Shi, a water spirit; and the Sha of Fear as the final boss.

Normal mode opened November 13, 2012. Raid Finder and Heroic modes open on November 20, 2012. Raid Finder difficulty will require an average item level of 470. You must clear the Heart of Fear raid before you can access Terrace of Endless Spring.


Ноша Императора - Часть 8 рассказывает, что Император Шаохао именно здесь провел ритуал, чтобы вызвать туманы и сохранить Пандарию от Великого Раскола.

Атлас подземелий

Straddling the mountain range between the Jade Forest and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the Terrace of Endless Spring has been a sacred refuge for millennia. Its peaceful fountains are said to have the power to heal and rejuvenate, but when the Sha of Fear attacked, many of the complex's guardians turned on each other in fits of terror.


The Terrace is an important sanctuary of Pandaria, blooming in peace for many years, it has been enveloped in horrible force by the area's single, most important prisoner, the terrifying Sha of Fear! Free the the inhabitants of the terrace before taking on the amalgamation of fearful emotions. Raiders on a more heroic difficulty will have the chance to discover the birthplace of the Sha for themselves.


Terrace of Endless Spring

Progression through the terrace is literally straightforward and made linear, the Protectors of the Endless are found at the center of the starting floor and cannot be fought until the Sha mobs around them have been destroyed, after killing the protectors Tsulong will fly down to the area having been corrupted by the Sha of Fear and will be avaliable to fight, the fight with him will start when he is attacked.

After freeing Tsulong the raid will move up to the watery platform and need to destroy the water elementals roaming around before Lei Shi materializes to fight, fighting Lei Shi enough will redeem the playful water spirit who will then travel to the Sha of Fear and wash the cloak of winds enabling him to be fought, there are 3 gazebos accessable during the Sha of Fear fight on normal and heroic on the outskirts of the terrace.

Обитатели рейда

Boss encounter Trash mobs Friendly NPCs


All bosses have a chance (on all difficulties) to drop a Sigil of Power or a Sigil of Wisdom in addition to the listed loot for Quest:The Strength of One's Foes.

Boss Item Type Description
Protectors of the Endless Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Dagger Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather boots Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth bracers Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather leggings Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail boots Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail shoulders Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate bracers Strength DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate helm Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloak Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate boots Tank
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Necklace Tank
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Ring Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Necklace Strength
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Ring Spirit
Soothsayer's Runes Quest item Darkmoon Faire
(Cache of Tsulong)
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Staff Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot One-handed sword Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth belt Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth boots Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth shoulders Caster DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather leggings Healer
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather gloves Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail chest Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate gloves Tank
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate boots Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloak Tank
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Ring Strength DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Trinket Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Trinket Tank
Lei Shi
(Box of Fancy Stuff)
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Staff Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Dagger Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Gun Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth chest Caster DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate chest Tank
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Trinket Strength
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Trinket Agility DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Paladin, Priest, Warlock
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Monk
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, Druid
Tsulong and Lei Shi
shared loot
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth belt Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth belt Caster DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth belt Caster
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather belt Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather belt Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail belt Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail belt Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate belt Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate belt Strength DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Plate belt Tank
Sha of Fear Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot One-handed sword Strength
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Two-handed axe Strength DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth leggings Caster DPS
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Cloth chest Spirit
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Leather chest Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Mail belt Agility
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Trinket Caster DPS
Chimera of Fear Quest item Quest item
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Paladin, Priest, Warlock
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Monk
Шаблон:Versions/RaidLoot Armor token Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, Druid



Руководства в героическом режиме

Изменения в обновлениях

  • MoP Обновление 5.3.0 (21-05-2013): The Strength of One's Foes: All bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of the Endless Spring now have a chance to drop either a Sigil of Power or Sigil of Wisdom.
  • (22-01-2013): "Sigils of Power now only drop in Mogu'shan Vaults, and Sigils of Wisdom will only drop in Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring, with a very small chance to drop in LFR Mogu'shan Vaults. This should ensure that players who had access to Mogu'shan Vaults for a longer period of time are now seeing more Sigils of Wisdom."
  • MoP Обновление 5.0.4 (28-08-2012): Added.

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